Passion for digital marketing

Pure madness on 2 wheels !

So true

Ryan Villopoto - Always 110% - You gotta luv that guy !

Facebook places - curious to see what it will do

E-commerce facebook add-on

Location based marketing platform
Leuke tip van Mik & Joost

Great digital advertising industry overview

Google fiber to the home

Retailers have always been big spenders in print media. Print publishers did not succeed in translating the power of their offline media to the digital channels. Looks like media buyers see an opportunity for themselves. Interesting evolution.

Offering publishers a stand-alone and exclusive data exchange platform

Earlier they bought in the US. Now they announce a takeover of in France

Reselling platform for groupons reaching their deadlines

Bluekai (=data auction marketplace) provides publishers with out-of-the-box consumer intent data collection module

SEO optimization platform

Travis Pastrana (The craziest FMX rider out there) in rehab.
This is what DETERMINATION looks like.
Doc, pin me, plate me, get me back out there ;-)